2kg Gotham Burger Challenge in Geraldine
2kg Gotham Burger Challenge in Geraldine

2kg Gotham Burger Challenge in Geraldine

Do you have what is takes to conquer the 2kg Gotham Burger Challenge? The rules are simple clean the plate before the time runs out , you will have 30 minutes to finish the entire burger, the burger contains 2 kg of beef topped with cheese, bacon, and veggies, Will you finish ?

What food challenges can I do near Christchurch ?

Do you have what it takes to defeat New Zealand's biggest burger, take on the challenge down at the Central Café and grill! Will you clean the plate?

For those that conquer this mighty challenge you’ll win a free meal of your choice at the dinner and be put on the wall of fame with the empty plate !

  • Type: Burger
  • Price:$50
  • Weight:5.5lbs/2.5kg
  • Time Limit:30 Minute
  • Difficulty 3/5

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