Central Otago Cycling Trail

If you want to know the best way to experience New Zealand’s South Island, then we have the answer… Get your legs ready for a workout and prepare to witness some of New Zealand’s most breath-taking scenery in this 5-day Otago Central Rail biking trail. Ride on the trail that inspired the countries Great Cycle Trail network, taking a 150km journey following the historic railway between Clyde and Middlemarch.

What are good cycling routes in New Zealand?

One of the best cycling routes to take is the Otago Central Rail Trail, with routes doable for all ages and experiences, a variety of beautiful landscapes and fantastic places to stop off along the way. Ride with Adventure South NZ and expert guides to show you the best way to experience the trail and eliminate the fuss of planning the trip.

On this biking adventure, you’ll ride into the heart of central Otago as you explore it’s vast range of spectacular landscapes, from rocky ranges, colossal gorges, railway tunnels to abandoned mining villages. Stop off at rural farming townships to indulge in Otago’s famous wining and fruit industries from a variety of fantastic cafes and restaurants, getting the best of that famous ‘southern hospitality’.

You’ll start your journey at the small historic settlement of Clyde to learn about it’s fascinating gold mining history, then make your way over the Ophir suspension bridge for amazing views of the Manuherikia River. Rest up at Lauder with some delicious locally prepared meals, and power through to Poolburn Gorge and the Blue Lakes to admire remarkable scenery. You can be rest assured that your biking trail is friendly for all experience levels, with wide gravel roads that’ll keep you close with your travelling companions.

These are just some of the experiences awaiting you on the Otago Central Rail biking trail – book your place now for an unforgettable adventure!

  • Price starts from NZ$1895
  • Includes all breakfasts and dinners and accommodation.
  • Includes pick-up and drop off from Christchurch.
  • Hire of Hybrid Mountain available for extra charge.
  • Check here for departure dates.
  • Address below is their Christchurch office. Pickup is arranged from your central accommodation.



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