Are you a fan of the high ropes because if you are then visit the Adrenaline Forest in Auckland. These courses at Adrenalin Forest were made so you had to be challenged mentally and physically. However it is made in a safe environment where all ages and fitness levels will be able to enjoy it whilst not going beyond their limits. Jean Cailabet created his first one in 2006 which he based off of his years at army training courses. As part of the experience you will have 3 hours to complete as many pathways as you can however you can only do each pathway once. Unfortunately, there is a height restriction as you have to be 1.4 metres tall in order to participate as well as your parent/guardians permission if you are under 16. If you want to feel like Tarzan come on down now and start swinging.

Where can I go in Auckland to do a high ropes course?

If you head over to Adrenaline Forest in Auckland you can spend up to 3 hours doing some of their thrill seeking and adrenaline fueling obstacles way up in the air.

They also have courses in; Wellington, Christchurch and Bay of Plenty so if you are closer you can go to one of them instead. Pricing can change due to a multiple of factors however the most expensive ticket is for regular adults which costs $49. ( with the option of renting a go pro for the session as well)

  • 3 hours on a high ropes course
  • Price is under $49
  • Other courses throughout New Zealand

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