What better way to break into the sport of target shooting than to try your hand at Air Gun Shooting or Archery? The specially designed air gun range at Foymore Lodge is available for use by individuals and groups, under supervision, who wish to have-a-go and test their skill at this discipline.  As with all target sports, air rifle shooting requires a steady hand, correct breathing techniques and a keen eye – all of which if combined correctly will result in an excellent shot!

Where can I learn in County Armagh?

Foymore Lodge is the perfect place to try your hand at archery or air gun shooting! You can find them just over a 30 minute drive from Belfast via the M1, or a 10 minute drive from the town of Portadown via Dungannon Road or the A4.

Try not to let the large target fool you!  Archery is an Olympic sport, commanding high levels of skill so why not let Foymore Lodge whet your appetite?  The archery range can be used by individuals and groups, under supervision, and in conjunction with the air gun range. They have experiences ideal for a beginners, as there are instructors on site to help you along where needed. You’ll be hitting the bullseye in no time – you will be surprised at just how competitive you will become!

Air Gun Shooting Tips

If this is your first time air gun shooting, then here are some tips that will have you hitting the bullseye in no time:

  • Make sure to stay calm and keep steady when getting ready to fire.
  • Keep one foot in front of the other, facing the target, and keep the majority of your body weight on the front foot – this will help you to keep balance and reduce the recoil effect, so you won’t feel like you’re flying backwards when you shoot!
  • Try to shoot a little ahead of the target, as there is a delay in the shot reaching your target. For example, if your target is flying towards the right, then aim a little further towards the right of them.
  • Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm.
  • Facilities are disability friendly, with full wheelchair access to the club house as well as all of the shooting layouts, via purpose-built pathways.

  • On site parking available.
  • Archery from £15 per person.
  • Air gun shooting from £10 per person.

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