Albatross Boat Tour in Kaikoura
Albatross Boat Tour in Kaikoura

Albatross Boat Tour in Kaikoura

A trip to New Zealand is home to an abundance of amazing and unique wildlife you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The Kaikoura coast is a must-do to see this feat, visited by nature’s most extraordinary seabird, the albatross. At albatross encounter, take the trip of a lifetime in a tour to get up close and personal with these magnificent seabirds and a variety of other sea life.

Where can I see albatross in New Zealand?

The Kaikoura coastline, on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand and midway between Christchurch and Blenheim, has the greatest number of different species of seabirds in the country. Albatross Encounter offer boat trips out to see Albatross and other sea-life up close and personal, so this is the ideal trip for keen birdwatchers or anyone who's looking for a unique trip out on the North Island.
Step on board and cruise into a new world of seabirds, penguins, petrels, skuas and more. Just a short 15-20 minute boat ride into the sea, you’ll get fantastic views on the open air viewing platforms and admire the world’s biggest seabird wingspan, soaring among the clouds and diving deep into the ocean in one of New Zealand’s most breath-taking destinations. The albatross float along right next to the boat, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to observe them as close as possible.
Your on board guides will be there to share all their knowledge about the birds and the local area and to help you identify the incredible number of species you’ll find. Avid wildlife watchers can extend their trip to 4 hours to increase your chances of seeing a wider range of species. You’ll be glad to know that group sizes are always kept small, so that you always get the best and most intimate experience (and you don’t have to worry about standing on your tiptoes to see!).
  • Tour duration is from 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • Adult NZ$165, child (3-14 years) NZ$70.
  • Email to discuss mobility options before reservation.
  • Tours operate all year round, daily at 9am and 1pm.
  • The Encounter Kaikoura facility is located on the beachfront at 96 Esplanade, Kaikoura, a short walk from Kaikoura’s central town and accommodation.


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