Alpaca Experience in Co. Donegal

Alpaca Experience in Co. Donegal

Explore the hills of Donegal with your very own Alpaca to guide you. Set on the stunningly beautiful Knockamanny Bens at Ireland’s most northerly point Malin Head. You can enjoy the spectacular views from Malin Head to Glashedy Rock to the Isle of Doagh and beyond with your new friend an alpaca each trek costs £20 for each person and lasts roughly 70 minutes, walks can be done solo or in groups up to 5.

Where can I go alpaca walking in Co. Donegal ?

Enjoy the natural environment, trekking with a herd of Alpaca’s, around Ireland’s most northerly point with the Wild Alpaca Way!

Want to try something new? How about a fascinating alpaca walk, where visitors get the chance to take an alpaca for a walk while seeing stunning views along the way! The trek has lots of photo opportunities along the way. Alpacas are curious friendly and inquisitive creatures with an excellent temperament.

You can book to have the Alpacas brought to you – perfect for Birthday parties, weddings etc. a meet and greet option is also offered for those unable to undertake the trek.

  • Scheduled walks at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm daily
  • Prices from £20 per person
  • Activity duration of around 70 minutes
  • Family booking packages are available
  • Located 10 minutes outside of Ballygorman

Wild Alpaca Way

Knockamanny Bens
Malin Head
Malin Head Inishowen
Phone: 0876665106


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