Take your furry new friend for a walk in Dunbar with this charming alpaca walking experience in Dunbar!

Always wanted to go for a pleasant walk with an alpaca? Well, now you can! At John Muir Alpacas they have made it easy for you to tag along and take alpacas out for a trekking session.

Where can I see alpacas in Scotland?

At John Muir Alpacas, at Hedderwick Hill Farm just outside Dunbar, you can make a new adorable alpaca friend and take them for a walk! If you're travelling from Edinburgh, enter the postcode on your sat nav and travel east for around 40 minutes along with the A1.

The fascination with these animals was inspired when the owner visited the Central Park Zoo in New York. When they came home from their trip they made it their dream to be around alpacas all the time. They have set up their business near to the John Muir Country Park so there are plenty of areas to roam.

Alpaca Facts

Did you know that Alpacas are actually a part of the camel family? In fact, they are the smallest member of the species, as they average 3 feet high. But don’t let their small stature deceive you – they are hardy animals, happy to live high up in the mountains, at heights of up to 4800 metres! They are incredibly sociable and gentle, and their fur is among the softest in the animal kingdom, so they’re perfect to go make friends with at John Muir Alpacas!

The centre offers daily trekking where you will get a chance to go out for a walk with a group of alpacas and with the trekking team leader. Along the trek, you will get a chance to see some wonderful wildlife in the picturesque woodlands, enjoy the company of the alpacas and make some stops along the way to snap some unforgettable pictures! When returning to the centre, you will be able to give the alpacas a tasty carrot for a treat. If you’re bringing the kids along, then the mini treks are perfect for the little ones, where they can meet the alpacas and go for a short walk with them through the paddocks.

  • Morning Trek – 10.00am – 11.00am
  • Afternoon Trek 1.00pm – 2.00pm
  • Kids sessions and mini treks, – 11.30 am – 12.30 pm
  • Normal Trek £20
  • Kid session £10
  • Picnic table after trek £10
  • Must be over 14 to hold alpaca on a lead, children under can still trek but not hold.
  • Picnic facilities

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