An Introduction to Dog Grooming in Worthing, West Sussex

If you’re looking to learn a brand new skill that you can use to save money and give your dog some love them why not learn to groom them the South Coast Dog Grooming Academy! They offer a one day experience where you can learn the ins and outs of the basics of dog grooming of your preferred breed! You can either request they supply a dog or bring your own so you can learn how to groom your own dog!

Where can I learn to groom my dog?

The South Coast Dog Grooming Academy is in Worthing, just west of Brighton, is the perfect place to learn how to give your furry friends some love and keep them looking in tip top shape!

The course lasts 3 hours and in it you’ll learn to prepare, style, and finish your preferred dog. The class is taken by a friendly, professional groomer and includes refreshments and they will provide all the kit needed to do the grooming. This is perfect for dog lovers and those looking to learn a brand new skill that they’ll be able to take home and use regularly.

  • The day experience costs £99 and if you want to take a further course that cost is taken off the price of your next course.
  • They offer other courses that lead all the way up to fully accredited dog groomers.

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