Archery in Dumfries

Have you ever wondered if your aim is as good as Hawkeye or Robin Hood? Then shoot on down to Galloway Activity Centre in Dumfries, set in the stunning surroundings of the shores of Loch Ken, we’re sure you’ll get to enjoy the scenery just as much as the target practice! Galloway Activity Centre has a great competitive range of archery targets. Anyone over the age of 8 can take part and there’s shooting practise for beginners. Or for the adults, there is competitive play! The only question is how many bullseyes will you hit?

Where can I go to archery in Dumfries?

Shoot on down to a world of competition at Galloway Activity Centre where the only aim is the target!

Want to try something new? If you are looking for the perfect place for a group day out/ team building/ corporate event activity then archery at Galloway Activity Centre is the perfect Stack for you. There’s nothing more fun and competitive than a day out of archery. Galloway Activity Centre is also home to a range of other fun activities, water obstacles, wall climbing and more, so once you’ve perfected your aim why not try some of the other activities they have to offer!

  • Activities from 11:30 am till 5 pm
  • Suggested minimum age of 8 years old
  • Prices from £25 per person
  • Activity perfect for beginners
  • Located 27 miles outside of Dumfries


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