Are you a lover of Castles and/or Gardens? This historic site dates back through the centuries and was built by the MacDougall clan of Raera. This was until the castle was transferred over to the Campbell clan in the 17th century, this remained in their hands until the 20th century when the last of the owners died out then the entire estate was sold off. This magnificent castle is steeped in Scottish history, with one of the rooms of the building even being used as a make-shift prison during the Jacobite rebellion of the 1770s. Of course, we cannot fail to mention that the castle was used as a holiday destination for US presidential family in the 1980s!

Where can I find Ardmaddy Castle and Gardens?

From Oban, follow the A816 towards the B844 then continue on this road towards the castle. There are also bus routes available.

Their famous walled gardens provide a fascinating sight in the middle of the estate and are a tourist attraction in their own right. Equipt with huge Rhododendrons, and an ever-growing selection of exotic plants and shrubs that are unique to the area. Visitors also have the option to purchase shrubs, plants, vegetables and fruits also. So why not come and experience Ardmaddy Castle and Gardens and see what beautiful sites Argyll and Bute have to offer?

  • Wheelchair access.
  • Toilets.
  • Guided tours are available.

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