Assault Course near Nottingham

Are you and your friends to challenge yourselves… if yes than come to Adrenalin Jingles and face the massive assault course that is set over four acres of the Sherwood Forest (just outside of Nottingham). You’ll be challenged with many different obstacles such as: the scramble net, Burma Bridge, Tyre Tunnel, and the wall. Your group has to have at least six people and everyone has to be at least eight years old. It costs twenty pounds a person for the full sixty minutes, now get to swinging and climbing.

What activity parks can I visit near Nottingham?

Located in Mansfield awaits Adrenalin Jingles Activity Centre, an action-packed outdoor adventure offering an adrenaline rushing day out for the whole family!
The assault course is set over 4 acres of Sherwood Forest Venue just outside Nottingham the assault course features over 4 challenge obstacles from the burma bridge, scramble net, tire tunnel to the climbing wall, and much more.
The rules are simple, each member of the team must complete each element of the assault course before the rest of the team can move on but don’t worry if there is an obstacle you really do not want to do as long as you can talk to one of your teammates into doing that obstacle twice, the obstacle course takes 1 hour just depending on how quick your team is.


  • Price of £20 per person or £15 per person for junior parties
  • Minimum group size of 6 people when booking(most large bookings book over the phone or email_
  • Event lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Minimum age of 8 years old with atleast 1 adult on the team


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Assault Course near Nottingham

Are you and your friends to challenge yourselves… if yes than come to Adrenalin Jingles and face the massive assault course that is set over four acres of the Sherwood Forest (just outside of Nottingham). You’ll ...
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