Aurora Basecamp in Iceland

The Northern Lights are a fascinating, stunning, and mysterious natural phenomenon. Now you can get an up-close look at what creates this stunning show – and enjoy a one-of-a-kind Aurora Borealis experience with our experienced guides. Aurora Basecamp is a facility that provides guests with a real-time, indoor reproduction of the Northern Lights in a warm and peaceful setting. The skilled guides will then take you out into the Icelandic night, where you will be treated to stunning sights and images of the actual thing if the conditions are good.

Why should I go to Aurora Basecamp in Iceland?

The Aurora Basecamp is truly a unique experience as it not only teaches you about the Northern Lights but it also how to find them. As part of the experience the interior of the bullets is designed for you to relax before the light show.

Aurora Basecamp’s heart is the Aurora Lounge. You’ll be protected from the hard Islandic winter within the 150 square metre dome, which is intended to endure Arctic cold. Before walking out into the lava fields to see the Northern Lights, you may unwind and have a cup of hot chocolate or tea. The Dark Park has some of the best lightings in Iceland, if not the whole globe!  The gases are charged with electrical energy, making the appearance of the Northern Lights in the sky above us. It’s a visually stunning show that reflects what’s happening in the night sky.

  • Aurora Basecamp is located just 20 minutes from Reykjavik.
  • Price starts at ISK 3,900
  • They offer accommodation and prices start from £90
  • Pre-booking is required

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