If you love the rainforest then this trip is a must for you. Cho0se from the Blue Canyon or Piha Canyon Full day tours or the half day glowing worm trip. Head to AWOL Canyoning Adventures and let your guide help you explore the amazing landscapes and explore your way through caves viewing the glowing worms all over the cave walls, see the stunning site of the Famous Kauri logging dam and then head to the well-known black sand Piha Surf beach.

Where can I enjoy a day out with my family in Auckland?

At AWOL Canyoning Adventures you will have an amazing experience Canyoning under waterfalls and streams!

Have no experience? No problem! The experienced guides will show you everything you need to do for a safe exciting adventure! You will have loads of different options to choose from; Half days to full days experiences, there are also team events which you can join. Enjoy the wonderful waterfalls and Volcanic Rock Valley behind Piha Canyon. You will descend down a narrow slot canyon and jump into a rock pool to swim finally heading to the amazing hidden pools which are hard to reach. The amazing landscape provides you will loads to do and at your own pace so you don’t miss anything during your day.


  • Open from 7AM – 9PM.
  • Explore vast landscapes with beautiful waterfalls and canyons!
  • Experience the glorious Volcanic Rock Valley and the Piha Canyon.

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