Welcome to Axed Global, the premier axe throwing venue nestled in the heart of George Street, Central England and the Midlands. This unique attraction offers an exhilarating experience for visitors looking for something out of the ordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned axe thrower or a complete novice, Axed Global provides an unforgettable adventure that combines skill, competition, and fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

What to expect

Upon entering Axed Global, guests are greeted by a rustic yet modern atmosphere that sets the stage for an exciting outing. The venue boasts multiple lanes where individuals or groups can engage in axe throwing sessions led by experienced instructors. These professionals ensure safety is paramount while also offering tips to improve your technique. Each session includes a brief training period followed by competitive games that promise laughter and camaraderie among participants.

Can beginners participate in axe throwing at Axed Global?

Absolutely! Beginners are more than welcome at Axed Global. Experienced instructors provide all participants with thorough training on safety procedures and techniques before they start throwing axes.

The perfect group activity

Axed Global is not just about throwing axes; it’s about building connections. It serves as the perfect destination for team-building events, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just a novel night out with friends. The thrill of learning a new skill together and engaging in friendly competition makes for memorable experiences that groups talk about long after their visit.

Refreshments and amenities

No great adventure would be complete without refreshments, and Axed Global does not disappoint. Visitors can enjoy a selection of beverages and snacks at the on-site bar and lounge area. This cozy space is ideal for relaxing between games or cheering on others as they take their turn at the lanes. Additionally, the venue offers locker facilities where guests can store personal belongings securely during their session.

Safety first

Safety is a top priority at Axed Global. All participants receive comprehensive instruction on proper axe throwing techniques and safety protocols before starting their session. The layout of the venue ensures that each lane has ample space for throwers while spectators can watch from a safe distance. Regular equipment checks are conducted to maintain high standards of safety and performance.

Booking your visit

To experience the thrill of axe throwing at Axed Global, visitors are encouraged to book their sessions in advance through the official website or by contacting the venue directly. This ensures availability and helps staff prepare for your arrival. Walk-ins are welcome but subject to lane availability.


  • Unique axe throwing experience in Central England
  • Ideal for individuals or groups looking for fun activities
  • Experienced instructors ensure safety and offer technique improvement tips
  • Suitable for team-building events, parties, or casual outings
  • On-site bar and lounge area with refreshments available
  • Advance booking recommended to secure your spot

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