Ballooning in Canterbury

You absolutely need to add this to your fun stacker list if you love the idea of being in a hot air balloon then come to Ballooning Canterbury where you will spend between 4 and 5 hours up in the air in the gorgeous calm weather appreciating or the views they have to offer. Ballooning is best during sunrise so be sure to arrive early as that is when you will set off on your luxurious adventure. At the end of the flight you will be gifted with; seasonal fruit, muffins, orange juice and champagne in the paddock. You will also be able to get photos of your flight as it will be posted on the Facebook page. For this experience a children’s ticket costs $320 (up to 12 years old and 1.1 metres tall) and for adults it costs $360.

Why should I go ballooning in Canterbury?

Well if you go to Ballooning Canterbury you will be witness to the beautiful Canterbury Plains in the Southern Alps.
  • the activity shall last between 4 and 5 hours
  • costs $360 for adults
  • you will get beautiful shots of the canterbury plains of the southern alps
  • Activity starts at sunrise


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