Banksy Walking Tour around Bristol

Are you a big Banksy fan? Take a tour around his earliest work, Banksy is now a world-famous artist, whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. But once, he was just another kid on the streets of Bristol with a can of spray paint in his hands. As a result, some of his earliest work is hidden around the city, and spotting it is an absolute must for fans of his work. there’s no better way to see some historic art than on a self-guided tour around the streets of Bristol.

Where can I see some of Banksy's art in Bristol?

Just off Cheltenham Road in the car park of Montpelier Health Centre, you'll find an early Banksy and Inky graffiti collaboration.

On the fascinating Banksy tour, you will get the chance to see some of Banksy’s earliest works ranging from the valentines day mural, the girl with the pierced eardrum, cat and dog and so many more species that made him the artist he is known today!

  • The tour is self-guided
  • You will find all the art locations on the website
  • Free tour!
  • The tour can take as long as you like, the website has listed some cafes and restaurants nearby if you fancy a bit to eat
  • See over 5 unique Banksy pieces on the tour

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