Looking to try something new? How about basket weaving by going on one of the Naturally Useful courses, you’ll learn a traditional craft, go home with a creation of your own making and become part of the lineage of traditional craft makers. Your eyes will become sharpened by the materials that the natural world offers you. If you are familiar with a particular craft, they can help deepen your knowledge and further your skill.

Where can I learn basket weaving ?

Learn a new skill with Naturally Useful in Moray, they run basket weaving courses throughout the year perfect for beginners and experts.

In addition to regular workshops, Naturally Useful also offers tailor-made courses to suit your requirements. The instructors will teach you how to make pretty much anything that’s sold in their gift shop or that you see on their website. This includes baskets, coffins, artworks, felting, and tanning animal hides. Beginners to advanced. Groups of up to 15 people can be carted for either at the Naturally Useful premises or at your own venue

  • Courses for all abilities and Experiences
  • Prices from £25
  • Workshops are run throughout the year

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