Want to sauna-like a Scandinavian? Unwind at the Beach Box spa in Brighton featuring 3 wood-fire saunas, a plunge pool, and a fire pit for the ultimate relaxing retreat. It’s a hidden gem in Brighton tucked away in the secluded area of Sealane with stunning views of the pier, beach, and sea. Bring your family, and friends or come on your own -all you need is a towel and swimsuit. It’s a spa experience like no other, this cosy beachside setting is guaranteed to refresh no matter what time of year!

Where can I go to a spa in Brighton?

Located just 7 minutes from the city centre, Beach Box spa is the perfect way to spend your day if you're in need of some downtime and want to feel refreshed!

Each session spa session lasts two hours allowing you to fully relax. Facilities include an outdoor seating area where you can chill out on the sun deck or on deck chairs, changing rooms, freshwater showers and of course the Scandi-style saunas. For the ultimate sauna detox, you can upgrade your experience with handmade treatments- from salt scrubs to clay masks they have it all – and if you’re looking for the total refresher why not try the ice bath!

To make this experience even more natural many of the elements of the sauna are recycled – the stove was recycled from the 2012 London Olympics!

  • Leil Sauna (small) – group rate £80 for 4-6 people
  • Löyly Sauna (medium) – group rate £90 for 6-7 people
  • Albion Sauna (small, electric) – group rate £70 for 5-6 people
  • Big Banya Russian Sauna – from £20 per person

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