Beatles Cycle Tour around Liverpool

Are you Beatles lover? Probably. Liverpool has a culture of passion and creativity that goes far beyond the borders of it’s city centre. The Beatles Cycle tour offers a perfect way to experience the story of Liverpool’s most beloved sons by visiting the places that the Fab Four made famous and inspired many of their songs.

Where can I see Beatles history in Liverpool?

Liverpool Cycle Tours is to the rescue. Take a wheel-bound tour around the sights that The Beatles used in their famous songs.

Led by an expert, friendly local tour-guide, you’ll be taken on an electric bike (great for those who don’t want too much hard work) across various different locations across The Beatles’ home city. You’ll see the iconic Penny Lane of Paul McCartney’s upbringing; you’ll stop at Strawberry Field, the famous landmark where John Lennon played as a child and inspired one of there most famous songs ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’; you’ll visit St Peter’s Church, the place where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met in 1957 and went on to change the world.

  • Tickets should be pre-booked online, at £37 each.
  • The tour will cover 16.5 miles in total.
  • The tour will last 3.5 hours.

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