Beaumaris Castle is a beautiful unfinished castle on the island of Anglesey. It was originally built as part of Edward I’s campaign to conquer North Wales in 1282 – it’s a huge military build, with almost near-perfect symmetry. It’s to be made of locally sourced stone, complete with a moat flanked by twelve towers, and two gatehouses. The inner ward is also home to two large gatehouses, and six equally large towers. It’s truly an imposing building – great for any history/military history buffs out there! UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) had stated that they think Beaumaris Castle is one of “the finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th-century military architecture in Europe”, and has even been classed as a World Heritage Site! Despite it being forever unfinished, it’s considered to be a stand-out piece by the greatest military architect of the age.

Where can I find Beaumaris Castle?

It’s located off the A545 (Menai Bridge) and the A5 (Bangor). If you’re travelling by bus, routes 53/57/58.
  • Adult Ticket: £7.40
  • Family Ticket: £24.40
  • Disabled and Companion: Free
  • Juniors (5-17) / Armed Forces: £5.20
  • Seniors (65+): £6.90
  • Open Daily: 10am-4pm (closes at 6pm in Summer)

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