Are you a beginner looking to learn the ins and outs of beekeeping? The courses available at The National Beekeeping Centre are perfect for you! Keep bees, build hives or even get close to bees for the first time! From beginners to more experienced keepers, this centre is the place for you!

Why should I visit the National Beekeeping Centre in North Wales?

The National Beekeeping Centre Wales helps to develop a healthy and environmentally responsible beekeeping industry. The goal of the centre is to promote good beekeeping practice and provide an education for those looking to keep their own bees and make their own honey!

Beekeeping is not as hard as it seems and there are many sources of information for new beekeepers, although the best way to learn is to gain knowledge from experienced keepers! It is advised to join any local beekeeping associations and take part in an introductory course! There are plenty of opportunities for these introduction sessions at The National Beekeeping Centre! Come along and try out one of the one-day taster courses and find out what is involved with beekeeping!

Not only are there the one-day taster sessions for beginners, but for those who would like to buy their own bees in the future, there is a two-day weekend course available! With both of these courses, there is a healthy mix of lecture room sessions and apiary work with the bees themselves. All participants will be under the supervision and guidance of experienced keepers and will be provided with protective gear for the practical work!

  • Taster days from 7th of May 2022 – 18th June 2022 £60 per person
  • Introduction to beekeeping weekend courses 23rd-24th April 2022 and 21st-22nd of May 2022 £145 per person
  • Booking a course can be done via the beekeeping centre’s website
  • More information can be found on the website or getting in touch via telephone or email





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