Belleek Castle Co. Mayo

Belleek castle is not like your ordinary castle, it is one of Ireland’s most prestigious hotel sites that you will find. You will be welcomed by nothing but the best service when entering the castle, step into the warm reception and be stunned by their beautiful interior and historic design. Not only is it for staying in you can also take a historic tour around the castle which has been standing since 1825, this medieval styled castle will not disappoint when visiting. It was then opened run down and refurbished in 1961 when it then later opened as a hotel in 1970.


Where will i find a castle tour in Ireland?

You will find the perfect castle tour in Balina, not only is it a historic castle dating back to the 1800's it is now a refurbished hotel from the 60's and it still holds so much of it's rich history to discovery.


The Belleek Castle tour includes in depth explanation of the castle’s history, you will learn about Marshall Doran who was a sailor and smuggler who helped restore the castle back in the 60’s. You will also be taken through the private dining rooms such as the medieval Banquet hall, the Spanish Armada bar and finally the Tween deck. Visitors of the castle will also see the famous Grace O’Malley bed, also the last wolf shot and other little bits that make it as historic as it is.


  • Tours from £10 for adults
  • Prices from £7 per person for children
  • Family tickets available from £30
  • Opening times from 11am till 4pm
  • Located just 5 minutes outside of Ballina