Are you looking to get a closer look at some wildlife? The Zoo BCA hold special events that can be booked on their website that allow you to get a more up close and personal experience with a wide range of animals living there.

Where is Zoo BCA?

The Zoo is located on the BCA college campus.

The Zoo is home to over one hundred different species and has very unique enclosures for a variety of animals. You can visit the zoo and enjoy one of their zoo tour where you will be taken around the areas and get the chance to see all types of animals from across the world. You can also book their reptile enclosure experience where you can meet the reptiles that live there, after being taken on a tour of the zoo you will get the chance to feed the animals and meet some very unique creatures such as the crocodiles, lizards and even the death head cockroaches. There are many more activities to book at the zoo.

  • Must be booked in advanced
  • Tours  are 45 minutes +
  • Ages under 16 must be with an adult
  • Prices range from £7 to £90 depending on what experience is booked.

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