Birmingham Thinktank Science Museum

Birmingham’s very own award winning science museum is open today and is a diamond waiting to be explored, based inside the impressive Millennium building with 4 floors full of exciting historical collections and machinery, there is also over 200 hands on displays to enjoy between each floor. The science museum also has a stunning science garden outside full of fun filled activities for the family to complete whilst also it has over 30 hands on displays to ensure a deeper insight to the beauty of the nature that surrounds. Thinktank science museum also have a top of the range planetarium which is theatre under a dome specifically designed to build your knowledge on the astronomy, space and the night sky.


Where can i book entry for the Birmingham Science Museum?

Booking tickets for the science museum is very simple, you can o it online on the Thinktank science museum website or you can book them over the phone today.

Thinktank also have a cafe and gift shop on sight to both ensure you are refreshed and also to give you the opportunities to buy and gifts to take home to remind you of your wonderful experience. Events and business conferences are also available to book for hire here at thinktank, with large spacious rooms it is the perfect location for any meeting.

  • Adult admission is 15 pounds
  • Children above 3 years of age will be 11:28 pounds
  • Children under 3 go free
  • Must book tickets in advance


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