Blindfolded Painting Workshop in Iceland

Unleash your creativity with this inventive and engaging workshop in Borgarnes! With the pressure of seeing your painting unfold and agonising over the details removed, this workshop experience allows you to liberate yourself from perfectionism and let your creativity flow unrestrained. It’s also a great bonding exercise as you’ll be guided through a series of tactile and tonal experience that encourage you to enter a creative flow, trusting your intuition and your peers as you create something together.

Where can I find unique creative workshops in Iceland?

Courage & Creativity Iceland run a fascinating workshop in Borgarnes where you and your group will create art together whilst blindfolded.

These workshops are very much customisable, so whatever you and your group are looking to get out of your experience they can make it happen.

  • Prices may vary depending on the size of your group and the type of workshop you want to do – enquire for more information

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Visit Guðlaug Outdoor Geothermal Hot Baths

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Glacier Skills and Ropework Course

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Play Golf 160 miles from the Arctic Circle at the Mosfellsbaer Golf Club

The links based course rewards those who keep to the wide fairways, while golfers who meet the rough will need to play through the jagged lava rocks.  The greens are very well maintained, with exceptional views ...
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