Looking to go for an unforgettable boat journey? How about the charming Victorian Boating Station where Thames Skiffs (rowing boats), Canadian Canoes, Punts & Rowing Punts are available for hire for 1 or 2 hours which can all be used to explore the River Avon. the max hire time is 2 hours. Most of the boats used are wooden & some are over 100 years old. The Boating Station offers pretty lawns where you can picnic after you have been boating.

Where can I find a boating experience in Bath ?

Bath boating is perfectly placed on the River Avon, within easy flat walking distance of the City Centre.

An abundance of wildlife can be found on the River Avon, including kingfishers herons, mallards, and moorhens and if you’re really lucky you may spot an otter. You can meander your way up to Bathampton to find the Bathampton Mill where you can stop for a quick drink as long as the boat is not left unattended, someone must remain by the boat at all times.

  • Group bookings available for groups of 7 or more
  • Prices from £8 per person for adults
  • Prices from £4 per person for children
  • Activity duration from 1-2 hours
  • Children under 5 years old go free
  • Located 5 minutes outside of Bath City Centre

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