The Bogside Artists are a trio of brothers Tom and William Kelly, and Kevin Hasson who are mural painters from Derry, Northern Ireland. Head to the Bogside Artists and experience the series of twelve large murals created which stretches along the whole length of Rossville Street in the Bogside.

What famous art sites can you visit in Londonderry ?

At The Bogside Artists you can join a tour and learn their amazing work and the creation and history they depict.

This collection of murals has become known as the Peoples Gallery. Love history then you will be amazed by these murals which depict key events of the Troubles in the city (since 1968). These artists have lived in Bogside most of their lives and have experiences some of the worst times in this city which is shown in their art today. As you walk you will view how the artists expressed events that they consider having the most important in the past thirty years. They pledged to continue to express this spiritual dimension along the walls of Bogside and wanted to show what the people of Derry went through.

Learn the techniques used in painting the large wall murals and what stories they are telling; you can also view the production of artwork that has figured prominently in street demonstrations such as ‘Puppet solders’ or painting of those killed on ‘Bloody Sunday’. The existing Twelve murals are located on the walls in Rossville Street in the Bogside area of Derry, so head there today for an amazing experience you will never forget.

  • Price: Free!
  • Exclusive events for anyone interested
  • Meet top-class artists

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