Bookbinding Courses Wiltshire

Ever wanted to be able to make your own books from scratch? Why not learn the art of bookbinding with one of these fantastic courses and get stuck into this traditional craft. Learn step by step the process behind binding books and all the different techniques required to master this craft. Needing a good dose of patience and delicacy, this skill may take a bit of time to learn but it’s a rewarding one!

Where can I learn bookbinding in the South of England?

City & Guilds in Wiltshire offer bookbinding courses for students of all levels and is the only organisation that gives out bookbinding qualifications in the UK.

Bookbinding is a fascinating craft with a rich history from ancient times when books were rare and expensive luxuries to the beginnings of mass production and the rising popularity of novels during the industrial revolution. You’ll learn all about the various different techniques, materials and approaches to bookbinding and work your way towards binding your own book to take home.

City & Guilds is the only organisation that offers Craft Bookbinding qualifications in the UK They also run ‘Bound by Veterans’ a program for wounded, injured and sick ex-servicemen and women to rehabilitate using the therapeutic powers of manual bookbinding

  • City & Guilds qualifications at the end of the course/workshop
  • Beginner, intermediary and advanced courses
  • Plenty of free parking

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