Are you looking to show off and beat your friends and family in a game of bowling? At lincoln bowl, they have everything there you need to show them who is boss! The bowling alleys are a very welcoming and friendly environment for a good game of 10 pin bowling.

Where can I find Lincoln Bowl?

Lincoln bowl is located on Washingborough Road.

The bowling alley is the perfect place to go for an event such as a birthday party as it’s the best environment for friendly competition and a good laugh. The bowling alley also has a restaurant so you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat while you play. If you are not wanting to go bowling then you might enjoy the Arcade! They have a wide selection of classic arcade machines and games ready for you to play such as air hockey. go beat your friend and collect tickets to get some prizes! If you looking for a fun-packed day out this is the activity!

  • Opening time 9 am till late.
  • Prices from £7.25 per person bowling
  • Food and drink available

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