GOOOAAAALLLLL!!! Time to challenge your friends to a game of football unlike any you’ve played before with bubble football! See who’s really the best footballer on your team when they have to contend with a huge inflatable bubble around them. This hilarious new version of the classic sport is sure to cause a lot of falls, collisions and heaps of laughter. The bubbles fit over the top half of each player’s body with room for their legs to stick out the bottom for running around and of course kicking the ball. Not only does this protective bubble create many opportunities for hilarity it also keeps you safe so you can fall over as much as you want. Get ready for the weirdest game of football you’ve ever played.

Where can I try bubble football?

Bay Bubble Football in Torquay is the only place in the southwest to offer this exciting activity. They're fully insured and will travel to bring the game to you given that you have access to an appropriate place to play a match.

Bay Bubble Football are a football-mad group dedicated to ensuring you have a great time with your team and stay safe in the process. You can hire out up to ten bubbles to whatever location you want and then it’s just a case of starting the game. If you’re looking for something silly and competitive to do with your friends for a special occasion then bubble football might be just crazy enough to give it a try.

  • The price for 10 bubbles and 90 minutes of play with a referee is £200
  • Fully adjustable 1.5-meter diameter zorb so that the activity can be done by almost anyone
  • The appropriate venue must be provided by the event organiser

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