He shoots … he scores! And while wearing an inflatable bubble! Now, that is impressive. Up in Aberdeen, you can play bubble soccer with all your friends for anywhere between one hour and two hours. Split into teams of two and under the watchful eye of an experienced event coordinator, you can let go and have fun while knowing someone is always there if need be. Are you ready to take on this fun and unique challenge? Then, it’s time to run, fall and roll all over the field.

Where can I play bubble soccer in Aberdeen?

Head on over to Strikers Indoor Football, where the team at Soccer Scotland are waiting with zorbs and the promise of an exciting adventure!

The prices are calculated per a certain minimum of players. You can still enjoy bubble soccer with a smaller team, but you must pay the minimum standard fare. Bubble soccer is a perfect activity for large groups to get their competitive spirit fired up while also being silly on the football pitch!

  • Packages include;
  • 60 minutes package: minimum of 10 players, £20 per person, £75 deposit required at booking, rest to be paid on the day
  • 90 minutes package: minimum of 14 players, £23 per person, £100 deposit
  • 120 minutes package: minimum of 16 players, £25 per person, £150 deposit
  • Usual game – two teams of 5 people
  • Packages all include 10 zorbs, facility hire and an experienced event coordinator
  • Kids options between ages 8-15 as well as adult options are available – check on the website
  • Different packages for anywhere up to 30 players
  • All groups receive 10 zorbs; larger groups have to rotate players
  • Bubble football is safe, although injuries can happen like in any sport

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