Buddy’s Hot Wing Challenge – Hot Wing Challenge in Glasgow

This awesome, tear-inducing hot wing challenge takes place right at their restaurant, Buddy’s BBQ in Glasgow. It’s only £9.95 per person and here’s what to expect: For this eating challenge, you’ll be required to sign a waiver prior to letting these fiery wings touch your lips. Check out their Facebook page to see recent live videos of some brave souls who took the hot wing challenge!

Where can I do a Hot Wings challenge in Glasgow?

visit Buddy's BBQ in Glasgow for a six hot wing challenge coated in the hottest sauce around

You need to eat 6 chicken wings coated in a sauce containing Naga Viper and Scotch Bonnet Chili’s – some of the world’s hottest chilli peppers! you have 5 minutes to eat all 6 wings, followed by 5 minutes ‘sitting time’, allowing you to really feel the burn from the chilli peppers. They have a rule of no napkins or drinks are allowed for the duration of this food challenge (it’s just you versus the chicken)! They’ll Facebook livestream your valiant attempt, so you might want to let your friends know to tune in and watch your spicy struggle!

  • Buddy’s BBQ in Glasgow is open 5-11pm Monday to Friday and 12-11pm Saturdays and Sundays


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