Bungee Jumping in Cheshire

Now is the perfect time to experience the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping in Cheshire, feel the momentum of this unforgettable life experience down at Tatton Park in Cheshire! The jump as a whole will take somewhere between two and three hours. Before taking the massive plunge, take in those breathtaking views of the stunning lake located below you with a true birds-eye view. You do have to pre book due to how high in demand it is and you have to be at least fourteen to jump and people between fourteen and sixteen years old require parental permission to take part. Now go and enjoy a gorgeous park and take the biggest jump of your life!!!

Where can I go bungee jumping in Cheshire?

Look no further than UK Bungee Club, the leading pioneer of bungee jumping in the whole of the UK! Open all year round get ready to jump today!

Bungee jumping can be done for all different reasons. For a memory, a charity, or just an adrenaline rush. If you are wanting to do a bungee jump to raise some money for a charity UK Bungee Club know what it means they have worked with over 200 big and small charities and raised over 1 million pounds, they will help you all the way!

  • 300ft of bungee jump allows you to appreciate the 1000 acres of stunning deerpark
  • Allow 2-3 hours to make sure you have time for your jumping experience
  • Spectators are allowed but make sure they travel in a different car in case they are asked to pay to park
  • Booking may be changed in extreme weather circumstances
  • Spectating area is available

UK Bungee Club

Tatton Park
North of England
WA16 6QN
Phone: 01226 982771

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