Bunratty Castle in County Clare

The site of Bunratty Castle has played an important role in Irish history. In 1250, Robert De Muscegros built a wooden stronghold, that was later converted to a stone castle by his predecessor, Thomas De Clare. After many years of war, the castle was built and destroyed multiple times changing occupiers between the Kings of England and Irish Clans, until finally it remained in the hands of the Irish after being rebuilt by Sir Thomas Rokeby having been in ruin for 21 years.

Where can I find an authentic castle in County Clare?

Bunratty Castle was built on the site of a Viking trading camp in 970 and is the most complete castle in Ireland!

Not only is the story of Bunratty Castle a rich and interesting tale. The grounds surrounding the area is a fantastic 19th Century experience. Folk Park, outside the Castle, is home to a collection of 19th century style shops and village houses. From a school, to a doctor’s house and a grocery to a pub, the small village will transport you back in time into Irish life during the 1800s. This is a great experience with so much to see and do, so step in the the past and add Bunratty Castle and Folk Park to your Stack today!

  • Adult | € 10.00
  • Child | € 8.00
  • Under 3 years | Free

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