Burn Braes Park is a beautiful and wonderous. The park is named after the river that flows through the park and splits the park into two unique halves.

The park features a big slide and swings and a fitness play park with a climbing wall. There’s a paddling pool that they often fill up with water on warm sunny days.

Why go to the Burn Braes Park in Biggar.

Biggar's Burn Braes Park is a scenic park with a river that runs right through this incredible park

The park has many bridges “bridging” the two halves of the park and has huge hills on both sides overlooking the whole park and the Biggar church.

The Burn Braes park has many events hosted in it ranging from the yearly “slippy slope” which happens at the start of summer and is an event where they construct a massive water slide that you can race your friends down. Also when the Biggar Little Festival rolls into town a lot of that festivals events are solely situated at the Burn Braes park.

  • Perfect park for dog walks and picnics!
  • Plenty of space to run about
  • Open 24hrs

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