Ready to get your mind blown!? Camera Obscura & World of illusions have 5 floors of optical illusions and tricks waiting for you. Each floor has its own set of unique displays of illusions to go and see.

Where is Camera Obscura & World of illusions?

At the end of the royal mile just before the castle.

The exhibition starts on the second floor as the ground floor is a gift shop. On the second floor, you will find a maze of mirrors, a room made out of nothing but mirrors that you will need to navigate your way through, be careful you don’t dump into a mirror! On the third floor, you will see yourself differently with wonky mirrors that will stretch you and thermal cameras that will track your temperature.

The fourth floor is full of tricks and illusions such as the Ames room that will make you shrink and grow depending on what side of the room you are on. The fifth floor is the magic gallery where you will find a wide variety of optical illusions that are hands-on such as the electric ball that when you touch will bring lightning to your fingertips! The last floor is a rooftop terrace where you will get a chance t see Edinburgh in its full glory. They also have a camera Obscura show which is a dark room with a large table that is lit up by a beam of light to show you the city using a camera from the roof.

  • Opening times – Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm, Sat – 9am – 10pm, Sun – 9am – 9pm.
  • Prices – Adult £18.00, Student  £16.00, Senior (65+)  £16.00, Child (5-15) £14.00, Under 5s Free.
  • Duration 45+ mins
  • Dog friendly



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