Can you beat the Hot Wings Challenge at Wings in Edinburgh?

Light your taste buds ablaze at Wings in Edinburgh with their extreme spicy wings challenge. The reasonably priced restaurant Wings specialises in two things being a restaurant immaculately themed around pop culture and chicken wings and nuggets ranging from sweet and peppery to extremely spicy, Their spiciest wings are reserved for a challenge called the 6 suicide wings challenge. To complete this challenge you have to eat 6 “suicide wings” which are hot wings doused with extremely spicy hot sauce that is no joke. You are not allowed any soured cream or milk until you finish the challenge, and believe me you will want it. If you can eat all 6 wings you get a photo put on the “wall of flame” which is at the entrance of the establishment

Where can I do a spicy wings eating competition in Edinburgh

You can do a spicy wings challenge called the "Suicide Wings Challenge" at Wings in Edinburgh
  • Suicide Wings challenge at Pop culture-themed restaurant Wings
  • Wings are open 4 pm-10.30 am and offers the challenge every day
  • Wings also serve alcohol and have takeout options

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