Can you beat The Tomo Burger Challenge?

The Tomo Burger includes four beef patties, three sausages, 6 rashers of bacon, wedges, onion, cheese, lettuce, coleslaw, tomato, beetroot, pickles, and sauces such as BBQ, sweet chili, and mayo all on a bun.

Where can I do a Burger Challenge in New Zealand?

You can Do The Tomo Burger Challenge at Marly and Flossy's

The Tomo Burger weighs 2.3 kg and stands 17 cm tall. Contestants must finish everything in 30 minutes, including fries and a thick shake.

  • If you win the Tomo Burger challenge you get  the whole meal for free
  • If you win you also get a Free Certificate of Completion
  • Get your faace on the Wall of Fame!

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