Can you eat Hogans Breakfast Sandwich in Kilmarnock?

Hogan’s Breakfast Sandwich is a breakfast sandwich that is not like your usual breakfast sandwich boasting 10 pieces of toast, 8 eggs, 8 rashers of bacon, 8 potato scones, 4 sausages, 4 black puddings, 4 hash browns, tomatoes and a big tin of beans.

Is there any food challenges in Kilmarnock?

Hogan's Sandwich Bar offers a Breakfast Sandwich that is quite the challenge and if you can beat it you get £100

If that sounds like a lot of food you’d be correct. It’s so much food that it can’t all fit in your mouth at once so you need to eat the sandwich in sections.  Winners not only walk away with a free meal but with a £100 cash as well, a spot on the wall of fame and a snazzy t-shirt! Breakfast is served!

  • Price: £20
  • Time Allowed: 40 minutes.

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