Can you eat the worlds hottest curry at Kismot Indian Restaurant in Edinburgh?

Write your name in the history books and take on the Kismot Killer Curry challenge!

What's the spiciest curry in the UK?

"The Kismot Killer" is an infamous curry across the UK, and you can find it at Kismot Indian Restaurant in Edinburgh. From Waverley Station, it's about a 20-minute walk south via George IV Bridge.

“The Kismot Killer” is a spicy curry on a whole other level of spice! This challenge comes with a big, and understandably scary reputation – to date, it has sent 2 people to the hospital in 201,  after they spent their evening throwing up and writhing in pain on the floor. For this reason, competitors must sign a legal disclaimer before taking part, that formally encourages participants to pre-plan their suffering by putting toilet rolls in the freezer for when they get home. Yikes!

Kismot Curry in the press

Despite just being a small, family-run restaurant, Kismot Curry is famous across the world. It has appeared on numerous mainstream media outlets, from BBC news to A League of Their Own – it is the #1 most talked about an Indian restaurant in the UK!

The curry itself has been toned down a little since the events of 2011, but still poses a significant challenge. The curry contains 17 of the spiciest chillies in the world, and participants must give the restaurant 24 hours’ notice so that it can be prepared to its full strength.

  • If you finish the bowl, you get it for free!
  • Kismot Indian also offer a bunch of other tasty curries, if you aren’t in the mood for burning your tongue off. Eat classic curries like Tikka Masala, Korma’s, Balti’s and more!
  • Kismot Indian is open 4.30-11.30 pm every single day and offers take-out and sit-in options


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