Are you looking for a fun date idea? Or maybe somewhere to visit and get creative with your family and friends? The candle making experiences at The Candle Alchemist will scratch that creative itch and provide a day of inspiration and satisfaction! Come along and make your own candles to take back home and cherish the memories attached to them!

Why should I visit a candle making workshop at The Candle Alchemist?

At The Candle Alchemist, visitors can learn how to make their own candles! The staff will show you how to create stunning candles, from traditional hand-dipped candles to workshops focused on making scented soy wax candles! Whatever you decide to make, the experience at The Candle Alchemist is a bundle of fun and encouraged to everybody!

The beginner’s candle workshop is the perfect first step for anybody looking to learn how to make their own candles. This hands-on introductory workshop is ideal for all those who are new to candle making. Guests can have fun picking out from a range of scents and colours to create their very own unique candles! At the end of the workshop, guests are allowed to take home all of the candles they have made, as well as the skills they have picked up, and start making their own works of art at home!

Not only can guests delve into making large stick candles at The Candle Alchemist, but also learn how to make scented cupcake candles and teacup candles! This fun workshop and creative class teaches participants how to make and decorate 3 scented cupcake candles, 2 scented teacup candles and scented tealights step by step!

  • Beginner candle making workshop costs £55 per person
  • Intermediate level workshop costs £75 per person
  • Cupcake and teacup candles workshop costs £65 per person
  • Must bring own teacups for the teacup candle workshop

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