Catch a show at Citizens Theatre Glasgow

Are you a theatre lover? Or even a history lover! Then the Citizen theatre in Glasgow is for you. Although the Citizens theatre was established in 1948, there has been a theatre in the building since 1878. Since then, it has been a staple in Scottish theatre and arts. This unique theatre aims to present the most authentic and well-rounded experience for visitors. They pay particular attention to presenting a mixture of classic plays, Scottish plays and Contemporary arts.

How can I find the Citizens Theatre?

The theatre is located in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. Easily accessible by bus, rail and subway. The closest subway stations are Bridge Street and West Street.

The theatre pays particular attention to its own local community, attempting to showcase and involve local communities by working closely with community groups and offering distinct admission cards. At the moment, the theatre is located on Tramway and is hosting shows throughout Scotland. This is all while their Gorbals facility is closed for a major refurbishment, that will aim to provide an even better experience for patrons. Some of their most anticipated and iconic shows include ” A Christmas Carol” and “Off the page and in the Gorbals”. The theatre also provides “Relaxed” versions of their shows. These are aimed at visitors who are on the Autism spectrum or those who can benefit from a more relaxed environment.

  • Gold admission passes from £22.
  • Tours available.
  • Located in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.


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