Causeway Coast Kayak Tours in Ballycastle
Causeway Coast Kayak Tours in Ballycastle

Causeway Coast Kayak Tours in Ballycastle

Are you in the County Antrim area and looking to explore the area in a unique way? Why not come along and visit Causeway Coast Kayaking Tours in Ballycastle? Here, guests can take to the open water in a sea kayak under the supervision of a local guide and journey along the coast soaking up all of the wildlife, sights, and historical sites dotted around the coast of Northern Ireland!

Why should I visit Causeway Coast Kayaking Tours?

Causeway Coat Kayaking Tours provides visitors with a unique perspective of Northern Ireland's coastline under the guidance of dedicated guides who have a plethora of knowledge of the areas they will take you to!

Everyone has experienced incredible sea views from clifftop paths, viewpoints and beaches, but with Causeway Coast Kayaking Tours, visitors will have the chance to experience the true beauty of Northern Ireland like never before! These tours will show you the beauty, magic, heritage and history of Northern Ireland from a totally unique perspective!

All tours and experiences at Causeway Coast Kayaking Tours are fully guided. The highly qualified and experienced local guides are dedicated and self-motivated to make every tour as memorable as possible with the local knowledge of the regions that they are paddling. Visitor safety and enjoyment is the priority here and the staff never risk it!

Causeway Coast Kayaking Tours also offer a variety of bespoke specialised day tours from various locations along the coastline or for the more adventurous visitors they offer half-day kayaking experiences leaving from Ballycastle. If visitors would like to stay the night, this can be arranged too.

  • Family kayak package from £25 to £100
  • 1 Hour guided tour from £25 to £40
  • Twighlight Paddle £50
  • Kinbane Castle and Caves Tour £60
  • Ballintoy Elephant Rock Paddle £60
  • Under the Bridge Tour £60

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