If you love go-kart racing and video gaming, Chaos Karts, with their advanced electric karts, bring together both. With game-changing power-ups and incredible digitally projected tracks, this is a real life Mario kart experience in London like no other! Take the wheel of a  go-kart but with a twist, you’ll be racing around tracks in a digitally projected world, battling with virtual weapons, while racing real karts.

Each go-kart is equipped with a gaming screen where your perks and other stats will show up! This is fully immersive go-kart gaming, so if you hit your opponent in front their kart will actually slow down and if you receive a boost on the screen you will feel your go-kart speeding up. The technology used here is top of the range so be sure to use everything to your advantage. Will you come out as the gaming go-kart champ?

Do you want to go karting? Imagine playing real life Mario kart in London!

Do you have enough hours racked up on racing video games to test your skills down at Chaos Karts? Just 3.9 miles from the city centre, in Bethnal Green, is a truly unique Go Karting experience which feels like you're playing Mario Kart in real life!

This is the perfect fun activity to do with your friends or family in London so how about you race them in the fantastic world of Chaos Karts? It’s not what you think as it’s more wacky and fun! Think real-life Mario Kart. So it doesn’t matter if you have the racing skills of Lewis Hamilton as you also need top-notch gaming skills to come out on top. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins the race and the player with the most wins the tournament! Anyone aged 6 or over can take part so what are you waiting for? The track awaits.

It’s recommended to book your Chaos Karts experience in advance to secure your spot. You can book online through their website, and they also have a phone number if you have any questions. Overall, Chaos Karts is a unique and exciting experience that combines the thrill of go-kart racing with the fun of video games. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, it’s sure to be a blast!

Chaos Karks London

  • One exciting track with lots of different maps built in!
  • Individual price £33 pp
  • Suitable for anyone over the age of 13 and height of 1.5 m
  • Located just 3.9 miles from London centre
  • Perfect for any occasion!
  • Can book up to 16 players for one session
  • Closed on Mondays, open 13.00 to 21.00 on Tuesdays to Friday and 9.00 to 21.00 on weekends!

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