Take Edinburgh’s spookiest ghost tour and one of the best in the entire UK with City of the Dead tours! Choose between their Underground city tour which will take you into the heart of Edinburgh’s famous underground city and around Damnation Alley; the Haunted Graveyard tour through Greyfriars Graveyard and the Covenanters Prison; or the Double Dead tour where they’ll take you to two of the most haunted places in the city: the Covenanters Prison and the South Bridge vaults and finish next to a bar for a drink after your chilling adventure. For any ghost or history enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of a good scare, this has to be on your Stack!

Why choose City of the Dead ghost tours?

The city of the Dead has sole access to Edinburgh's Covenanters Prison and the Black Mausoleum, and their tours include the chance of an encounter with the best documented supernatural case of all time - the Mackenzie Poltergeist!

With an award-winning combination of history, humour and very real supernatural encounters, there’s a good reason this is considered the best ghost tour in the UK! Edinburgh’s rich and often dark history has so much to offer and you might find yourself coming back for more of their excellent tours. All of their tours are in the centre of Edinburgh so whether you choose a late night or afternoon tour there’s plenty to do nearby.

  • Underground City and Graveyard tour £14 adults £12 concessions (no children under 12)
  • Double Dead tour £17 adults £15 concessions (no children under 12)
  • Check the website for tour times (most run all week and year-round but times do vary)
  • All tours leave from ‘the tree of the dead’ by St Giles Church on the Royal Mile (there’s a plaque so you’ll know you’re in the right place)
  • No Stag or Hen parties (People under the influence will be turned away)
  • The Mackenzie poltergeist has been known to cause genuine physical and mental distress so take the tour at your own risk
  • Not suitable for people with serious health conditions or pregnant people
  • No dogs

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