Head to New Zealand and enjoy the amazing Marine life at Clearyak. You will have an amazing experience in your own Kayak paddling through the clear sparkling waters. If you love fish, then you will be amazed by the huge variety of different fish such as Snappers and even some Stingrays swimming just below you while you paddle through Goat Island.

Where can I enjoy a day out with my family in New Zealand?

At Clearyak you and you family can enjoy wonderful kayaking adventure for all ages and abilities.

This is a fun and educational adventure for all ages and this Marine reserve has attracted many families over the years. View the fish up close in this wonderful clean environment where there is no noise or pollution; Keeping the fish happy and content. If you want to enjoy paddling in the sun this is the place to be, this peaceful place is a paradise and with the underwater marine life beneath you, you will definitely be amazed.  This Marine reserve officially opened in 1977 and has a massive 800 metres of water from shore.

There are many different types of fish big and small like the Red Moki and are very active during the day so you will not miss them. Also, you can enjoy watching the Eagle Ray flying through the water with fins like wings. Need to book a group activity? No problem! You can experience the perfect time with up to 16 individuals in a group so book now!

Thigs to do in the area: You can enjoy the most delicious meals and ice cream or head to the Marine discovery Centre to enjoy the live feeding times. The kids will love it.


  • Enjoy delicious meals and snacks throughout your visit.
  • Price starts at $60 per person.
  • Experience a wide variety of marine life!










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