Combat Archery at Bubble Soccer Scotland in Glasgow
Combat Archery at Bubble Soccer Scotland in Glasgow

Combat Archery at Bubble Soccer Scotland in Glasgow

Come and check out this brand new activity that is ever-growing in popularity! Combat Archery at Bubble Soccer Scotland! This activity can be described as a mashup of dodgeball and archery with a unique twist! Perfect for birthday parties or trips with family and friends, unleash your inner robin hood and enjoy a day full of competitive action!

Where can I find combat archery in Glasgow?

Bubble Soccer Scotland is now providing a chance to try this exciting new sport! You can find their venue just a 20-minute walk south of the city centre via West Street, or just a short ride on the subway from St. Enoch to West Street.

There are a number of different ways guests can partake in this medieval form of warfare! The most popular is the Respawn game mode. In Respawn, the participants will split up into 2 teams and each player will be given 2 arrows. Each team starts off in their own designated base that is assigned by the host. The teams must try and navigate their way across obstacles and avoid being hit by enemies. If a player is hit with an arrow, they must drop their arrows and retreat back to base to try again!

What does combat archery involve?

Combat Archery is the latest adrenaline-filled action activity to be added to the range of activities at Bubble Soccer Scotland. With 2 teams battling it out in their sports venue, visitors must earn points by eliminating players and hitting targets across the battle zone. Here are some tips to give you a head start!

  • If this is your first time using a bow, positioning is important – tilt the bow just slightly to the right, allowing the arrow to lean on the bow and making it easier to balance it.
  • In combat archery, you’ll likely be using a traditional bow, which won’t hold the weight of anything for you. To prevent your arm from tiring and shaking, don’t draw your bow until you are sure what you’re aiming at.
  • When you’re aiming at your target, position your arrow just slightly above your target, which will give it room to fly and hit more accurately.

There is also an option to include catering, a party room and many extras to your booking. To find out what other extras you can add to your visit, please get in touch with Bubble Soccer Scotland via phone or on their website.

  • 1-Hour Combat Archery £17 per adult & £160 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)
  • 90 Minute Combat Archery £20 per adult & £230 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)
  • 2-Hour Combat Archery £23 per adult & £290 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)
  • Megamix (1 hour of 2 separate activities) £35 per adult & £300 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)

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