Corra Castle in Lanark

Corra Castle (also known as Corrax, Corax or Corehouse Castle) is a ruined 16th-century castle within the Corehouse Estate near New Lanark in Scotland. It overlooks Corra Linn, one of the four waterfalls which make up the Falls of Clyde. In 1967 it became a scheduled monument.

Is there a cool castle near new lanark?

Yes visit Corra Castle in Lanarkshire

The site was chosen because it was seen as being impregnable, as it is surrounded by sharp cliffs on three sides. It features a ha-ha as part of its design, offering an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside.

Corra Castle was at one time the residence to one of the branches of the notable family of Somerville. In his 1832 book, The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, David Brewster wrote:

“…and directly above the upper fall, stands the ruinous castle of Corra, formerly the residence of a family of the name of Somerville…”

  • It’s owned by the Scottish wildlife trust
  • It was built in 1572
  • Open at all times

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