Could you eat a 27 inch Pizza? – Find out at Toni’s Pizzeria in Glasgow

At Toni’s Pizzeria in Glasgow you have 90 minutes to finish a 27-inch cheese and tomato pizza. A pizza is so big that it barely fits on the table it’s served! You’re encouraged to do this challenge with a friend, eating half of the pizza each before another comes out to complete your personal consumption of 27 inches worth of cheese, dough and tomato sauce. 1 kilo of cheese sits on top of it, by the way, Winners get the pizza for free and fame forever on the wall of fame at Toni’s Pizzeria.

Is there a Pizza eating challenge in Glasgow

Yes, Can you eat a 27-inch Pizza from Toni's Pizzeria in Glasgow?

Toni’s Pizza also offers other amazing food options and their menu is especially good for fans of pizza. Try such classics as ‘Toni’s Special’ one of a kind pizza topped with Spianata salami, roquito peppers, Italian sausage, nduja & burrata cheese on a mixed base – tomato & BBQ. Toni’s also offers a variety of Milkshakes that are like no other, for example, the satisfyingly sweet Milky Bar milkshake.

  • Toni’s Pizzeria is open 5-9 pm Tuesday to Thursday and is open 12-9 pm Friday to Saturday
  • Delivery options available
  • Serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages



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