Visit Cove Harbour in the Scottish Borders! – Cove Harbour is famous for it’s scenic landscape and multiple movies that where filmed there. It’s perfect for dog walks and just walks in general.

There are few places in Scotland with such unspoilt beauty and cultural significance within close proximity of Edinburgh.

Where is a scenic place to go on a walk in the Borders?

Visit Cove Harbour - a scenic harbour that is perfect for walks and is filled with interesting history!

As a location Cove is remarkably versatile. It has appeared as Ancient Greece, Orkney, Stornoway, Lyme Regis, the Isle of Wight and many other places and times.

  • The talents it has hosted include Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, John Sessions, Robbie Coltrane, Billy Connolly and Muriel Gray.
  • Cove has provided the background to fashion shoots for famous brands, manufacturers and retailers of Canada, Germany, England and Scotland.
  • Open 24hrs

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